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Incipient Fire Detection

  • Smoke detection in the 0.0000% Obscuration per foot (obs/ft) range.

  • Combining spot, laser and cloud chamber technology.

  • Incipient Fire Detection Systems detect pre-combustion particles providing the earliest possible detection of abnormal conditions. It also provides alert messages at pre determined levels initiating action specific to the condition.

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  1. Incipient Fire Detection Video

  2. Incipient Fire Detection Specification

  3. Incipient Fire Detection Systems Brochure

Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection

  • Heat Detection immune to EMC and radioactive radiation

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Programmable zones

  • A linear heat detection system utilizing fiber optic cable that is zoneable in 10' increments on the same cable run. Providing real time temperature measurement and rate of change including ambient temperature compensation per zone.

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  1. Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detector Brochure

  2. Fiber Optic Power Point Program

  3. Fiber Optic Specification


Video Fire Detection

  • Combination IR and Video Flame Detection

  • Video verification

  • Recorded video images

  • Visual flame detection is a combination flame detector and CCTV camera engineered together to provide precise flame detection and CCTV surveillance. Recorded video images are available for post incident analysis and training.

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  1. Video Flame Detection Brochure

  2. Video Flame Detector Specifications